Welcome to NAYAVITA! 

NAYAVITA was born out of love for the environment, our determination to fight against the devastating plastic pollution and the belief that sustainable and eco-friendly products can also be beautiful, practical and functional.


We love spending time outdoors, travelling, yoga, hiking, biking, we enjoy camping, and never say no to a picnic or a day on the beach. Yet we couldn’t find a multifunctional towel that could do all of the above, whilst being chic, sustainable and recycled.  A towel that was big enough to lie on or wrap oneself around in it, that absorbs water well but dries fast, is sand free and fits easily in a tote, bag or a travel bag. So we decided to develop one.

We believe in the power of positive choices. We believe, that we each have an immense power to make a big change by everyday small decisions. It is things like taking a canvas bag when going shopping, swapping plastic cotton buds for wooden ones or eliminating them altogether, carrying re-fillable water bottle and owning one multi-purpose eco towel instead of five different ones. And not an ordinary eco towel but one made from all the single-use plastic bottles polluting our nature.


If, like us, you like to keep active, enjoy travel and care about the environment, NAYAVITA beach towels are just for you. They are a symbol of a conscious way of life full of love, joy, freedom and positive choices.

We strive to constantly improve our production processes and it goes without saying, that when it comes to selecting our supply chain partners, we are picky. It is important to us for each partner to share our philosophy and ethical ways of working.  Change, competition and development are natural aspects of everyday life and we understand that alternative towels exist using virgin (non-recycled), perhaps less durable materials offering fraction of the benefits of NAYAVITA towels. Maybe they cost less and are packed in beautiful shiny boxes and new branded plastic bags.  But it is not us.


We promise that we will always strive to achieve maximum quality, sustainability and alignment with our ethical principals, and we will stay true to our mission of cleaning this beautiful planet by creating chic, practical and multifunctional eco towels and accessories for all our outdoors and travel adventures. Because you, just like our planet, deserve the best.

That is also why shortly after NAYAVITA, we founded NAYAVITA Yoga. Using the same proven process of PET bottle upcycling, we are creating original beautiful and intuitively functional yoga mats and props to bring joy to your not-just-yoga practice.

Thank you for being part of the #nayavitafamily.

Marcela & Frankie, NAYAVITA