We are an EU start-up born out of love for yoga, the environment and our determination to fight against the devastating plastic pollution. We believe it is possible to pamper our body and soul without an unsustainable cost to the planet.  And we know, that sustainable and eco-friendly products can also be beautiful, practical and functional.


We are a mom and daughter who love to keep active. We love spending time outdoors, travelling, yoga, hiking, biking, we enjoy camping, and never say no to a picnic or a day on the beach. On our travels and adventures we started seeing more and more plastic waste polluting nature, floating in oceans and rivers. So we decided to do something about it.

NAYAVITA started by upcycling single-use plastic bottles to create multifunctional towels suitable for all travel and outdoors adventures, whilst being chic, sustainable and recycled.  We believe in the power of positive choices. We believe, that we each have an immense power to make a big change by everyday small decisions. And one of these small decisions is owning one multi-purpose eco towel instead of five different ones for different activities. And not an ordinary eco towel but one made from all the single-use ocean-bound plastic bottles.

From NAYAVITA, it was a small step to NAYAVITA Yoga. Using the same proven process of PET bottle upcycling, we started creating original beautiful and intuitively functional yoga mats and props to bring joy to even more people.


Our hand-designed sustainable NAYAVITA Yoga mats and props are a symbol of a conscious way of life full of love, joy, freedom and positive choices. We believe that every one of us deserves the best, and self-love is the foundation of any kind of love. It is no secret that our environment impacts how we feel. And that also applies to your yoga mat, meditation corner or relaxation nook. That is why we design our products to bring joy and happiness at first sight. 

Thank you for being part of the #nayavitafamily.

Marcela & Frankie

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