Animal Gang | Kids yoga mat (3mm)

kids yoga mat Animal Gang kids exercise mat

Animal Gang | Kids yoga mat (3mm)


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A beautiful kids yoga mat that your little yogis will love. We combine 100% natural rubber with recycled anti-slip vegan suede for the ultimate support during exercises, play and everyday shenanigans.

Our kids mats are sized specifically four our little ones. Inspired by children, each mat is printed using water-based colours and made without toxic glues, making it suitable for sensitive skin and kind to our planet.

The timeless colours and unique design make it the perfect mat for little girls and boys alike.


    • 3mm provide support and comfort during even more dynamic play and exercises
    • Mat length is tailored to children
    • Materials kind to our planet and sensitive skin
    • Colours and design created to calm and inspire

We give discarded single-use plastic bottles new life. You give this life new purpose.

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This unique kids yoga mat Animal Gang is part of our Bohemia collection. We combine original design with eco consciousness and intuitive functionality. Our mats provide the maximum support to little and big yogis alike in sync with nature.

Using a special technology, we combined soft suede made from recycled plastic bottles with natural rubber. Our mats are sustainable and uniquely beautiful, guaranteed to turn heads. For an even better support, the suede layer of each kids yoga mat is coated in a non-slip surface. You can further enhance the non-slip properties of your kids yoga mat Animal Gang by spraying a small amount of water prior to your little ones’ exercise routine.

Approximately 15 disposable plastic bottles is used to create vegan suede for each kids yoga mat. Natural rubber is, of course, biodegradable and does not contain any toxic substances, silicones or phthalates.

We give single-use plastic bottles new life; you give this life new purpose. Join us!

MATERIAL: Suede made from recycled plastic bottles (100% polyester) and natural rubber

DIMENSIONS: 152 cm x 61 cm x 3 mm

WEIGHT: 1.8 kg

If you want to know more about NAYAVITA YOGA or our eco conscious and sustainable yoga mats and props, check out FAQs.

Roll up with printed side out. To remove any stains, use clean damp cloth. For extra stubborn stains, you can add a drop of gentle soap or washing up liquid. Leave out to dry. Protect from prolonged sun exposure.

2 reviews for Animal Gang | Kids yoga mat (3mm)

  1. English


    Lovely kids design, great size and thickness. My son loves the softness of the material and the animals are just so cute so definitely recommend to others. Thank you.

  2. Czech
    5 out of 5


    Dcera začala chodit na jógu a chytlo jí to, tak jsme koupili podložku k narozeninám a je z ní nadšená. Všichni na kroužku jí to závidí, tak přišla domu nadšená a děláme vám krásnou reklamu :-)

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