Japanese Garden | Premium suede yoga mat (3mm)

NAYAVITA suede yoga mat from recycled plastic bottles garden

Japanese Garden | Premium suede yoga mat (3mm)


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That functional cannot be beautiful? Our Japanese collection will show you otherwise! Pick your favourite from our luxury eco friendly yoga mats made from recycled plastic bottles turned into decadently soft suede. Every suede yoga mat was hand-designed exclusively for our Japan collection, and so with a high quality and intuitively functional anti-slip yoga mat, you also get a unique accessory that will turn heads in the studio and out.

In Japan, garden design is considered an art form influenced by dominant religious philosophies. The aim is to enrich gardens by injecting spiritual meaning and creating oases of calm where people can enjoy their surroundings, relax and meditate. To achieve this, there are strict guidelines each garden design must follow. Their main essence is to achieve natural simplicity resembling nature’s, rather than human, creation.

Common elements of gardens are the result of symbolism, where each component has a deeper meaning. Stone lantern represents the four natural elements, statues of a lion and a lioness at the entrance protect the garden from negative influences and represent yin and yang, sounds from water reservoir are meant to drive away deer, koi carps floating in ponds symbolize happiness and abundance and the role of the ‘moon bridge’ is to evoke artistic sensibility and form full moon shape when reflected in water.


    • 3mm provide support, comfort and joint protection during your exercises
    • Soft to the touch recycled and recyclable suede has an anti-slip surface
    • Bottom layer of natural rubber is recyclable and biodegradable
    • Hand-made design is created exclusively for our Japan collection
    • Ideal for yoga, pilates, fitness exercises and meditation

We give discarded single-use plastic bottles new life. You give this life new purpose.

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Beautiful, unique, eco friendly and intuitively functional – that is our Japanese collection including this hand-designed vegan suede yoga mat. Take a walk with us under the sakura heavens protected by an ornate parasol. Stop on the moon bridge to admire the blooming lotuses. Take a boat ride on a lake overlooking the majestic Mount Fuji and watch fishermen and his trained cormorant catch dinner for the royal family. Take a peek with us under the cover of this ancient culture full of symbols and legends that has managed to retain many of its secrets until today.

Using a special technology, we combined soft suede made from recycled plastic bottles with natural rubber to create a durable designer luxury that guarantees to turn heads. For even better high performance support, the suede layer of each vegan suede yoga mat is coated in a non-slip surface. You can further enhance its non-slip properties by spraying a small amount of water prior to your exercise routine.

Approximately 15 disposable plastic bottles is used to create suede for each yoga mat. Natural rubber is, of course, biodegradable and does not contain any toxic substances, silicons or phthalates.

We give single-use plastic bottles new life; you give this life new purpose. Let’s make a difference!

MATERIAL: Suede made from recycled plastic bottles (100% polyester) and natural rubber

DIMENSIONS: 183 cm x 61 cm x 3 mm

WEIGHT: 2.1 kg

If you want to know more about NAYAVITA YOGA or our eco conscious and sustainable yoga mats and props, check out FAQs.

Roll up or fold with printed side out. To remove any stains, use clean damp cloth. For extra stubborn stains, you can add a drop of gentle soap or washing up liquid. If needed, hand wash or machine wash on a gentle cycle. Leave out to dry. Protect from prolonged sun exposure.

10 reviews for Japanese Garden | Premium suede yoga mat (3mm)

  1. Czech
    5 out of 5

    Mila Reva

    Extremely cozy yoga mat. Pice of art🌸 Perfect for home practice. You will feel yourself very comfy on it. The colors are not to bright so you have peaceful atmosphere around you, just start your yoga practice.

    Knowing the fact that this pice of art was created from 15 plastic bottles is also nice, to keep our planet clean 🌎 Highly recommended 🙏🏾🌸

    Velmi pohodlný Yoga mat. Ideálně půjde pro cvičení doma, udělá pro vás příjemný jogovy atmosfér. Tahle podložka je tak pohodlná, ze můžete klidně spinkat na ni. Velmi doporučuju.

    Очень удобный йога ковёр. Создаст шикарную атмосферу для занятия у вас дома, не слишком яркие цвета не будут отвелекать вас от практики йогой. Создан как Арт объект из 15 пластиковых бутылок, а значит делает нашу планету систем и лучше 🌎 Советую!

    Mila Reva.

  2. English
    5 out of 5


    This is a really amazing mat. I just looove the microfiber layer. It makes jumps in the ashtanga seated sequence so easy if you are still dragging yourself through 😜.

    Again that microfiber layer makes softer practice like yin or other practice where poses are held long very enjoyable as you are not practicing on a super cold mat

    The mat has an excellent grip to the floor, so it doesn’t move around during practice. And microfiber layer is still grippy enough during faster paced practices.

    Good dimensions, my only hesitation was about the design … they are all just gorgeous. I even hesitated in making a poll on Instagram, but then, after a while, just before posting I realised which one I wanted 🥰

  3. English
    5 out of 5

    Bianca tivoli

    The design of this mat is so unique. Feels like I am practicing yoga on an art work. The mat is much softer than I anticipated but doesn’t slip and feels so good to the hand.

  4. Czech
    5 out of 5

    Hanka Kotková

    Skvělý vzor a moc příjemná na dotek. Při cvičení je dost měkká na podporu kolen a i když jsem se toho ze začátku bála, vůbec neklouže.

  5. Czech
    5 out of 5


    Překrásná podložka, dost měkká i pro moje rozkodrcaný kolena a zatim se osvědčila i při náruživějších cvičeních, i když nejradši jí mám na inverze a procvičování rozštěpů.

  6. Czech
    5 out of 5

    Katka Hilerova

    Naprosto báječná jógamatka.
    Učím jógu a přes 10 let praktikuji, takže už jsem vyzkoušela různé značky druhy. Tahle mi konkrétně vyhovuje v tom, že nejen krásná, ale i velmi funkční – zatím první “plyšová” jógamatka kterou jsem vyzkoušela a nebi třeba ji ani na začátku praxe namáčet, aby neklouzala.
    Zatím ji mám cca půl roku a vypadá, že mi dál bude velmi dobře sloužit :))

  7. Czech
    5 out of 5


    Jedním slovem – DOKONALOST!!!
    Jogamatka je velice pohodlná, neklouže, perfektně drží na zemi. Dokonalý design Vás potěší při každém cvičení. Výška 3 mm Vám zajistí komfortní cvičení a dlouhou výdrž v pozicích.
    Je to nejkvalitnější a rozhodně nejkrásnější jogamatka, jakou jsem kdy vlastnila…a rozhodně není poslední :-)

  8. Czech
    5 out of 5


    Krásná a heboučká podložka a přitom neklouže. Moc mě překvapilo jak dobře se na podložce cvičí a že vypadá ještě lépe ve skutečnosti. Ježíšek se letos vytáhnul :-)

  9. English
    5 out of 5


    Most beautiful mat I have ever had. I was nervous at first if the suede will be slippery, but it is not at all. Smooth to the touch but doesn’t slip, which I wanted. Love, love, love.

  10. Czech
    5 out of 5


    Ještě hezčí v reálu a neklouže.

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