Flower Power | Vegan suede travel yoga mat (1mm)

Nayavita Yoga vegan suede travel yoga mat Flower Power cover

Flower Power | Vegan suede travel yoga mat (1mm)


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We all deserve that friend who is here for us when we need them. That is our travel yoga mat.

Luxurious, beautiful and ultra-light 1mm thin yoga mat for those of us who like to stay active. Pick your fav from our hand-designed collections and don’t forget – with each travel mat we give you a FREE lux vegan suede bag! Your only problem will be to pick just one.


  • Top vegan suede layer made 100% from recycled plastic bottles
  • Bottom layer recyclable and biodegradable 100% natural rubber
  • Vegan suede silky to touch and provided with anti-slip treatment
  • Ideal for yoga, pilates, fitness exercises and meditation
  • Compact when folded, ultra-light and easily portable
  • Stylish pouch made from recycled plastic bottles free with every travel mat

We give discarded single-use plastic bottles new life. You give this life new purpose.

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Beautiful, unique, eco friendly and intuitively functional – that is our Bohemia collection including this hand-designed travel yoga mat 1 mm thin.

Do you want to have a little yoga sess in the park or by the river? Are you going on a trip and don’t want to neglect your fitness routine? Are you heading to yoga studio after work and don’t want to log your big and heavy yoga mat around whole day? Or maybe you want an extra layer between you and the studio mat, which can also be used as a towel? We got you!

This travel yoga mat 1 mm ultra-thin is a must have for all yogis who like to stay active. And to make carrying your travel mat around even easier, we give you a free stylish pouch made from vegan suede from recycled plastic bottles with your order.


Using a special technology, we combined soft suede made from recycled plastic bottles with natural rubber to create a durable designer luxury that guarantees to turn heads. For even better high performance support, the suede layer is coated with a non-slip surface. You can further enhance its non-slip properties by spraying a small amount of water prior to your exercise routine.

Approximately 15 disposable plastic bottles are used to create suede for each yoga mat. That is 15 less bottles burdening our environment. Another approximately 5 bottles are used to make each suede pouch.

Natural rubber is, of course, biodegradable and does not contain any toxic substances, silicon or phthalates.

We give single-use plastic bottles new life; you give this life new purpose. Let’s make a difference!

MATERIAL: Suede made from recycled plastic bottles (100% polyester) and natural rubber

DIMENSIONS: 173 cm x 61 cm x 1 mm

WEIGHT: 0.8 kg

If you want to know more about NAYAVITA YOGA or our eco conscious and sustainable yoga mats and props, check out FAQs.

Roll up or fold with printed side out. To remove any stains, use clean damp cloth. For extra stubborn stains, you can add a drop of gentle soap or washing up liquid. Leave out to dry. Protect from prolonged sun exposure.

5 reviews for Flower Power | Vegan suede travel yoga mat (1mm)

  1. Czech
    5 out of 5


    Léto na podložce. Jsem z ní úplně unešená. A ta taštička je také úžasná. Nejkrásnější podložka jakou jsem kdy měla.

  2. Czech
    5 out of 5


    Koupila jsem na jogový pobyt a teď už ji tahám i do studia a ven. Nádherný vzor a moc příjemná na dotek. Složí se do menšího balíčku než osuška, takže za mě maximálně bodů za praktičnost.

  3. English
    5 out of 5


    My happy mat. Just beautiful

  4. English
    5 out of 5


    Amazing travel yoga mats. Perfect to take with you, everywhere you go, yoga events and outside yoga. Adore the colours and the patterns. Bear in mind they are thin (as they are travel yoga mats) sol might be uncomfortable to practice on the concrete (for example) but if you plans is outside yoga in a park or the beach or wooden floor they are perfect. Easy to clean and, also, each of them come with their only travel bag so you can take them with you with style and store them safely.

  5. English
    5 out of 5


    Beautiful print full of joy. The most beautiful mat I have ever had.

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